In-Kind Sponsorships

There are many opportunities for sponsorship by providing in-kind products or services.  In-Kind Sponsorships are a trade of product or service, which would normally be purchased by the Chamber, in exchange for sponsorship exposure.

Participating members will receive recognition as described in the sponsorship opportunities listed below. 

Goods and Services Traded for Sponsorship

Chamber Chase Kick Off Catering Sponsor - Coming Soon

Chamber Chase Victory Celebration Catering Sponsor - Coming Soon

Champagne & Oysters Poinsettias Sponsor - December 7 - SOLD

Champagne & Oysters Printer Sponsor - December 7 - SOLD

Coffee with the Chamber - Location/Caterer Sponsorship - 2020 dates - SOLD

Military Appreciation Luncheon Photography Sponsorship - Spring 2021 - SOLD

Montgomery Legislative Reception Print Sponsor - Spring 2020 - SOLD


Top In-Kind Producers:

Jennie Campbell
The Stewart Lodges

Linda Faulkner

Kirsten Loper
Ambassador Team